What Is a Handyman Capable of?

The beloved handyman of America departed the tiny screen over two decades ago. Many people admired Tim “The Toolman” Taylor, a pioneer of do-it-yourself projects. Even though he wasn’t able to do everything, he was a “do it all” kind of man.

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Within the tradesman sector, handymen are often disregarded. With the advent of internet search and specialized specialists, the term “handyman” has become obsolete. When it comes to handling odd jobs, people with diverse skill sets are no longer the first to spring to mind. For instance, installing a TV used to be the domain of handymen. These days, some businesses just concentrate on TV installation.

It goes without saying that there is a corporation these days for almost anything. There are several professionals that specialize in handling each job on the to-do list. Why, therefore, have we overlooked the ultimate to-do listers? It’s probably because they are unsure of the things a handyman can accomplish. What specific areas can a handyman fix?

That’s exactly the response I want to give. Given the range of domestic tasks that the handyman is requested to complete, I’m going to look at the kinds of requests they receive. Most odd jobs that are asked of handymen, they can probably handle. These are the top 12 handyman services that customers ask for, listed in no particular order.

1. Repairing Drywall

A homeowner may request drywall repair from a handyman for a variety of reasons. Doorknob damage, small and huge nail holes, beaten corners, and drywall fractures are a few examples of fixes. Any kind of drywall damage should be manageable for a handyman.

2. Installing a television

In the past five years, HDTVs have grown more widely available and less of a luxury. Someone still wants to safeguard their investment even if they are now more reasonably priced. The easiest approach to keep a TV safe and free up space in a room is to mount it. A skill that almost every handyman has is hanging a TV.

3. Taking Out the Dryer Vent

It’s a good idea to complete a lot of household maintenance duties once a year. This also applies to cleaning your dryer vent.

Did you realize that not cleaning your dryer vent might put your home at risk for fire? Some people aren’t even aware that they need to be cleaned. The heated air in your vent may not be able to escape due to a lint accumulation. This obstruction may cause overheating and maybe even a fire.

It not only poses a fire risk but also has the potential to significantly reduce the dryer’s efficiency. squandering money and time as clothing take longer to dry.

4. Cleaning of Gutter

Gutters may get blocked and start to overflow if they aren’t cleaned. This overflow has the potential to harm a home’s foundation as well as its walls.

Although it is common knowledge that gutter cleaning is important, many still neglect to do this chore. Many homeowners don’t give it a second thought. Taking out the ladder and using it to retrieve leaves from the gutter? Perhaps next year.

A handyman, armed with their own ladder, will cheerfully clear up those bothersome gutters instead of ignoring it.

5. Leaky Tap

The noises of a leaking faucet are disliked by everybody. It’s one of those fixes that the typical homeowner could find intimidating, but a handyman can most likely finish it fast. Over three thousand gallons of water can be wasted annually by a faulty faucet that drips at the rate of one drop per second.

6. Installing and Repairing Electrical Outlets

A handyman, like the average homeowner, will typically avoid doing jobs that need extensive electrical understanding. Anyone dealing with electricity who is not well-informed is putting their safety at risk. Having said that, handymen can typically do basic electrical jobs like installing or fixing outlets.

7. Installing and Repairing Ceiling Fans

For a home, ceiling fans are really valuable. They reduce energy expenses, circulate warm air in the winter, supply cold air in the summer, and aid in the continuous flow of fresh air! Although they used to be a common sight in every home, ceiling fans are becoming less common.

8. Assembly of Furniture

Everyone has been disappointed when they purchase furniture only to learn that they must assemble it themselves. Even though the directions are usually rather obvious, many people would rather delegate this task to someone else than try to pass themselves off as competent.

9. Changing the lightbulb

While changing a lightbulb is not inherently difficult, there are several situations in which it may become so. Some homes have chandeliers that are too high to reach with a ladder, and the owners would prefer to hire someone to get up there and change the lightbulbs.

10. Toilet Unclogging

Some folks will be surprised by this one. Rather than hiring a licensed plumber, embarrassed customers will occasionally choose to hire a handyman. When it comes to handling the blocked toilet, the best course of action is to ask no questions.