Clothes Packaging: What Is It?

The materials used to enclose clothing in order to keep it damage-free and presentable for potential buyers are referred to as clothing packaging. It frequently comes last in the production cycle.

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Retail and shipping are the two subcategories for clothing packaging.

A product’s retail packaging increases its commercial appeal. You put merchandise on store shelves using it. Certain packaging options, such as shopping bags, facilitate customers’ ability to carry clothing home. They are also necessary for product photography, particularly for internet retailers.

Retailers can ship clothing items via courier or the mail more easily when their products are packaged for shipping. When a customer orders products in bulk, they work great. In order to keep things safe from dust and grime, you might also need them to store them in a warehouse.

The Value of Packing for Clothes

Packaging for clothing is essential. There will be packaging on every item of clothing that is sold. A shirt you take off the rack will eventually wind up in a bag as soon as you purchase it. The same holds true for additional apparel items like jackets, sweaters, and hats.

Additionally, there are justifications for why companies use apparel packaging. Here are just a few of the most significant ones.


Packing is mostly used to keep products safe. People are constantly picking up clothes, including underwear, dresses, and baby clothes. If they’re not inside a container, they may get torn, dirty, or stained.

The state of affairs deteriorates when you ship them to clients. You no longer have authority over your products’ safety. Your mind will relax if you use the appropriate packaging.

Marketing and Promotion

Promotions can be printed on product packaging. Are you about to have a sale? Packaging can be printed to inform devoted customers. The same holds true for transient promotions and seasonal campaigns.

The Brand Identity

Having a strong brand helps consumers remember you. It helps you differentiate yourself from rivals in your industry. Make your brand memorable with your packaging.

The majority of companies imprint their brand colors and logo on their packaging. If there’s room, they might even put a slogan there.

Specifications and Product Information

Packages can be used to include helpful product details. When washing fashionable items like cardigans, include hand washing instructions. Mention the material of your overalls, coat, tank top, and blouse. Inform clients how to get in touch with you with any queries or worries.

“Packaging Products”

What kinds of packaging products are appropriate for your apparel company?

The most popular clothing packaging products for retail establishments and internet retailers are listed below.


These retail packaging supplies are necessary if you want to display clothing items in your store.

The Product Boxes

Product boxes are tiny storage units designed to hold small clothing items such as gloves, beanies, pocket squares, scarves, and socks. You can make any article of clothing fit flawlessly if you order boxes from a supplier that offers custom sizes. This ought to improve the presentation as a whole.

Shoe Cases

You can personalize shoe boxes and use them as clothing packaging for things like leg warmers, sarongs, or tiny bags, though this isn’t the most obvious option. Because you can fit more in them than in a product box, they are especially helpful if you’re selling a set of products.

Present Bags

To make it easier for customers to carry all the clothing they purchased from your store, use gift bags. You can make these as big or small as you’d like because they come in a variety of sizes.


Gift bags can be substituted with shopping bags. These look cleaner and simpler, and they are also recyclable. For companies that sell eco-friendly apparel, it’s the best option.

Handle Purses

Because handle bags are composed of plastic, they are more robust than paper bags. It implies that they are resistant to water. When using plastic handle bags, customers don’t have to worry about their packages being ruined.


Tote bags are strong and reusable. If you can’t decide between paper and plastic bags, the solution is tote bags.


Stockings, other accessories, and high-end underwear can all be kept in pouches. When placed on a shelf or cabinet, they can elevate the appearance of any product, particularly if the packaging is well-designed.

dangle tags

Put hang tags on clothing to list the item’s dimensions, cost, and other details. Consumers constantly consult these when they go shopping. They also make excellent marketing materials.

Hang tags come in two varieties: folded and flat. If you need more space, use folded hang tags or keep things simple with flat hang tags.


Labels are used by businesses as a way to add flair and branding to packages. Once they are partially closed, place them inside gift bags. Put on product boxes to prevent customers from opening them without your knowledge.

For Transport

If you intend to ship clothing directly to customers, you should invest in these packaging supplies.


The most efficient way to ship clothes to customers is probably using mailer boxes. They are stylish, useful, and adaptable. You can modify the size to match your products in addition to printing your designs on them.

Packing Cases

Shipping boxes improve the efficiency of moving large orders. This is so that you can fit more goods into these boxes. They are also made to withstand a lot of abuse. That is to say, it is resilient to problems that are generally related to transportation.

Poly Mailers

Shirts, shorts, pants, and other bulky clothing fit nicely into poly mailers. Once your products are inside, they are prepared for shipping. incredibly user-friendly.

Paper Tissue

To add an extra layer of protection to the product inside the packaging, use tissue paper. Additionally, it gives the customer a more enjoyable unboxing experience.

Tape for Packaging

Shipping boxes can be sealed with packing tape. Although you can use generic tape, there are advantages to personalizing your tape. To begin with, it may make your packages more visible in order fulfillment facilities. It helps with branding as well.

Flat Playing Cards

Flat cards are not required, but business owners like including them in packages to personally greet clients. Although they are frequently used as thank-you cards, some people also include them to share promotions or instructions.