One of the numerous choices you will have to make when designing your kitchen is whether or not to add wall cabinets. Storage issues are not the only factor in the decision. The true challenge is determining how the presence or absence of cabinets will affect the overall design and atmosphere of your kitchen.

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The removal of top cabinets has benefits and drawbacks. You may use “floating shelves” in their place. When all of the items are neatly organized and tidy, the open shelves look fantastic. Do you utilize the dishes that are shown on those shelves? Or just use them as show pieces outside? Where are your “real” dishes if they are only on display?

Advantages of Wall Shelves

The additional storage space that wall cabinets offer is perhaps the main advantage of incorporating them into your kitchen design. You may keep the dishes you save for special occasions in your cabinets in addition to the plates and glasses you use on a daily basis, all without having to worry about them gathering dust. If the wall cabinets have glass fronts, you may utilize them to showcase some of your prettier or less used dishware.

The polished appearance that wall cabinets provide to the kitchen is another advantage. There are several ways to break up the look of a solid run of wall cabinets if you don’t like it. Some of these include using clear or opaque glass fronts in place of solid doors, having one or two cabinets without doors, staggered heights, cabinets that reach the ceiling, cabinets that reach the countertop, cabinets with mullion panes, and stacked cabinets with intriguing details on top. Additionally, wall cabinets may be arranged to complement a variety of kitchen designs, such as farmhouse, classic, modern, and transitional.

Perks of Not Having Wall Cabinets

The absence of wall cabinets in kitchen design is a new style that has evolved in recent years. You’ll have extra room in your kitchen to showcase valuable objects, tiling, lights, or windows if you remove the wall cabinets.

People like open floor layouts because they foster an air of spaciousness, and a kitchen lacking wall cabinets contributes to this sensation. It expands the impression of the room. Furthermore, residents complain that it is “inconvenient” to reach objects kept un wall cabinets that reach the ceiling.

One more thing to think about. The majority of individuals keep their glasses in the wall cabinet close to the dishwasher or sink. So where are the glasses going to go if that cabinet is gone? The best drawers are deep ones with rubber liners that don’t slip.

There is no place for wall cabinets if you have an amazing view that you would rather not hide. However, maintaining picture-perfect open shelves is not something you’ll want to do if you’re a family man and cook in your kitchen a few times a day.

What is the cost of a kitchen without wall cabinets? If you ever decide to sell your house, there’s a potential that the lack of wall cabinets may detract from its worth. If you like the look of open shelves better than wall cabinets and you don’t intend to sell your home anytime soon, don’t be afraid to give them up. Wall cabinets in the kitchen design could be a safer option for homeowners who want to relocate within the next few years and want to maintain the property’s resale value.

View The Potential Design of Your Kitchen With and Without Wall Cabinets

Wall Designing can assist when deciding whether to install wall cabinets or not in your kitchen design. We can produce a virtual design for your kitchen based on your suggestions and our thoughts. Next, it is visible both with and without cabinets.

Making wise judgments is aided by seeing how your kitchen will seem after it is completed. Making wise choices can also result in a kitchen you’ll love for many years to come.

When you’re ready for a free design consultation that will help turn your ideal kitchen into a reality, find out more about our kitchen design services by visiting our website.