Does LinkedIn Premium Make Sense? Eight Justifications for Subscribing

LinkedIn Premium adds value to the free LinkedIn experience and provides additional advantages for individuals and companies looking to grow their network, find new prospects, and learn more about their sector. But does the cost of the membership make it worthwhile?

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What Does Premium LinkedIn Mean?

LinkedIn Premium is a premium subscription service that offers sophisticated functionalities not found in the free edition. InMail messaging tokens to connect with individuals outside of your network, comprehensive profile views, business insights, access to LinkedIn Learning, tailored AI recommendations, private browsing, and more are some of these features. With levels including Premium Career, Business, Sales Navigator, and Recruiter Lite, Premium is available in many configurations to meet various professional requirements.

Depending on the account tier you select, a LinkedIn Premium yearly membership will cost different amounts. The LinkedIn Premium Career subscription is the least expensive option; it costs $29.99 a month or $239 yearly. The majority of job searchers who want to network professionally in their field and get recruited would find LinkedIn Premium Career to be ideal.

Reasons to Sign Up for LinkedIn Premium

The choice to sign up for LinkedIn Premium is based on your career objectives. These are the main arguments in favor of it.


The messaging function on LinkedIn is quite helpful for networking. Even if you don’t have a direct connection, the monthly credit allocation facilitates networking with mentors, coworkers, prospective jobs, etc.

The Job Search

The first premium tier, Premium Career, provides increased profile exposure. Connect with the people who have viewed your profile. You may have an advantage over other candidates if you have features that allow you to compare yourself. You will instantly see job posts where you will be a top candidate thanks to the Top candidate Jobs feature.

Resumes and Interviews are Required

A resume customization tool such as Resume Insights can help you find the ideal job by tailoring your resume with relevant keywords. You may go through hundreds of behavioral interview questions from recruiters in a variety of professions and sectors on the Interview Prep website.

Continuous Learning

Having access to LinkedIn Learning courses is a great way to keep up your professional and personal growth. Complete the courses and update your LinkedIn profile with the certificates of completion.

The Company Research

LinkedIn offers additional in-depth information about over 350,000 businesses, including trends in recruiting, headcount growth, the number of job opportunities broken down by function, and more. When making more strategic judgments, this knowledge may be essential.

The AI Writing Assistant

You have the option to Write with AI, which creates recommendations for better headlines and language for your profile.

Unlimited Searches

You may do limitless searches up to third-degree relationships if you have a LinkedIn Premium membership. These searches are restricted in a LinkedIn Free account due to a commercial use limit.

Surfing Private

You may browse in private mode and view a list of individuals who have interacted with your profile in the past ninety days if you have a Premium account.

Reasons Why a LinkedIn Premium Subscription Is Not Necessary

On LinkedIn Basic, non-professional users can still apply for jobs and keep up a professional profile. For a number of different reasons, you might not require LinkedIn Premium.

Active Social Media

If you are not interested in deep networking for business or recruiting, you do not need to subscribe to LinkedIn Premium.


It can be too expensive, particularly for people just starting out in their jobs. You may make and receive recommendations while interacting with people and expanding your network with the Basic (free) plan.

Workplace Perspectives

If you don’t require access to competitive data about a position or a firm, you can cancel your LinkedIn Premium subscription. You may still utilize other search engines to learn more about the industry and look for work.

Messages InMail

Since there are alternative means to get in touch with people outside of your personal network, you might not need to message them.


If another recruitment tool is being used by your firm, you do not require a membership.

Advancement of the Profession

Although many other online learning courses are available for free or at a reduced fee, LinkedIn Learning courses are still quite beneficial.

Are the Benefits of LinkedIn Premium Worth It?

If you have the money, LinkedIn Premium is a worthwhile investment for your business or profession.

But keep in mind, your desired degree of access to your professional network will determine whether you want to pay for a LinkedIn Premium subscription or use the free LinkedIn Basic option.

Because LinkedIn Premium isn’t inexpensive, you’ll need to weigh your demands against the features you wish to use. For entrepreneurs and recruiters, for example, a membership might be a wise purchase. Someone starting a new job might not be a good fit for it. Consider how and how often you will utilize each feature for various circumstances when you score the features before making a decision.