First Date Advice: The Blue Ocean Way to a Successful First Date

Do you feel a little anxious about going on a first date? Do you feel embarrassed when you think back on the last one? Perhaps you’re unsure about how to behave on a first date. Perhaps you don’t know how to start a date? Then you are not by yourself. Not even in the era of Tinder and do most individuals find dating easy and uncomplicated.

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The good news is that you may steer clear of some of the most typical errors and fears by using the appropriate method. Instead of something to fear, going on a date will be something to look forward to.

A blue ocean strategy is a paradigm for developing a market that is uncontested and renders competitors obsolete. However, aside from its use in business, it is equally applicable to private life. The creators of the international best-selling Blue Ocean Strategy, Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne, created the Eliminate-Reduce-Raise-Create (ERRC) grid, which is one of the resources we used to generate first date ideas here. Adding value involves both increasing and producing what potential clients (in this example, your date!) could find valuable as well as removing and decreasing what they don’t.

Advice for First Dates

If you use these pointers, having a fantastic first date won’t simply be a fantasy. You will be distinguished from the myriad of similar dates. Both men and women can use these as first date advice.

1. Avoid overly complex situations

It’s natural to be nervous on your first date with someone you don’t know too much about. Avoid adding to the already complex situation by trying to organize an entire day or the ideal romantic meal. Rather, make things brief and straightforward. If your date seems like someone you would like to spend more time with, you may quickly determine this over a cup of coffee at a convenient spot. Incorporating some unpredictability into the equation, the coffee may even become a lunch or supper if all goes according to plan.

2. Avoid needless tension

On a first date, a little bit of nervousness is normal—in fact, half the pleasure. However, you should try to avoid the type of tension that would agitate you and make your date uncomfortable. Keep in mind that your date will feel more at ease with you if you are more at ease. Sitting at a right angle to your date instead of facing them directly is one easy approach. This relieves the strain of having to fill in every silence throughout the talk, allowing you both to engage in some people-watching.

3. Stop texting and have face-to-face meetings.

Although the conversation may have begun on a website or an app, it shouldn’t continue there for too long. While texting might be a good way to get to know someone, other nonverbal cues like tone of voice, body language, and facial expressions are just as crucial for building genuine rapport. Thus, instead of wasting time on an online connection, go meet the real person who is hiding behind the words.

4. Prepare a few conversation starters for your first date.

How should I get ready for a first date, one may wonder?

Why should a first date be any different from a job interview, when you would never walk in unprepared? Consider these engaging questions to ask on a first date as well as some thought-provoking responses to potential inquiries. However, don’t conduct the first date like an interview to avoid raising red flags.

What should you discuss on your first date?

To assist you get on a second date, we produced a blog post with conversation starters and first date ideas!

But first, acknowledge your anxiety! You can go a long way with honesty.

Visit our blog, What to Talk about on a First Date: Dos and Don’ts, for some shrewd suggestions on conversation starters, questions, and themes for your first date.

Never forget that questions are just as crucial as replies on a first date. Actually, what matters most is to listen intently and ensure that the other person feels at ease. Therefore, steer clear of delicate subjects like sex or money. It’s not a good idea to find out the other person’s income or the reason for the breakup while you’re on a first date.

5. Increase your self-assurance

People enjoy being around self-assured individuals. Additionally, body language is a potent signal that may reveal a lot about you to a date. Engaging in a little “power posing” ahead of time is one approach to increase your confidence. To fool the brain into feeling more confident, try standing for a few minutes with your hands on your hips in an authoritative posture—think of yourself as a superhero. Just avoid doing it on the actual date to avoid looking foolish.

6. Get better at listening

Everyone enjoys talking about themselves, but don’t assume your date feels the same way. Making everything about you actually sends the wrong messages. However, you can’t just shut off and let your date do all the talking—that’s also a surefire way to end things badly. The secret is to pay attention and answer correctly, for example, when someone summarizes something and follows up with, “So, you spent three months in Argentina, how was that?”

7. Make a powerful initial impression

Initial impressions matter. Someone may quickly build an opinion about you based just on your look and manner in a few of seconds. Smiling is a fantastic technique to leave a good impression. A nice person’s tendency is to smile, which is both a trainable talent and a symbol of contentment. You will feel better and spread some of your positive energy to others around you when you smile more. It’s all about those positive emotions!

Additionally, spend some time dressing nicely, according to your signature style, and dressing for the situation. Just as you wouldn’t show up at a cocktail party in your shorts and t-shirt, you shouldn’t show up at a café dressed in a tuxedo.

8. Stay loyal to who you are

Perhaps dating has always been competitive in the 21st century, as it might feel at times. However, far too frequently, we assess our value by comparing it to others who we believe to be “winning,” which leads us to try to copy and enhance what others are doing rather than paving our own path.

However, dating ought not to be a game of victors and losers. Finding a meaningful relationship with someone who makes you happy and who you can make happy in return is important. Only when you remain true to who you are and allow your genuineness to come through will this be achievable.