How Does Theta Healing Operate and What Is It?

Theta Healing is a well-known therapeutic technique that was developed in 1995 by Vianna Stibal as part of her own recovery from a leg tumor. As per the official Vianna Stibal ThetaHealing website

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Essentially, this approach is a spiritual philosophy and meditation practice that acknowledges all religions with the goal of drawing closer to the Creator. Through prayer and meditation, one may eliminate limiting ideas and live a life full of good thoughts as a result of this training, which is intended for the body, mind, and spirit.

By depending on the unwavering love of the Creator to carry out its “work,” this method teaches people how to use their intuition in conjunction with traditional treatment. ThetaHealing’s guiding principle is to live, teach, and mentor others to cultivate love and, as a result, achieve harmony in our mind, body, and spirit by means of the notion of the Seven Planes of Existence.

Due to the growing popularity of this method, this post will concentrate on providing you with the essential details so you can understand how it works and how it might benefit you.

Vianna Stibal: Who Is She?

She is a well-known spiritual teacher and healer who founded the ThetaHealing technique. She teaches her spiritual philosophy and style of meditation, or ThetaHealing, all over the world. She discovered that our thoughts and emotions have a profound impact on our underlying, past, genetic, and soul levels after experiencing her own recovery two decades ago. She thus set out to develop a method that would enable us to learn how and why we believe, how we bring about illness and problems in our life, comprehend the creator’s purpose, and create the reality we desire. Up to now, Stibal has authored many books and educated over 500,000 practitioners globally.

How Is ThetaHealing Operational?

Stibal claims that the goal of this instruction is to put your brain in a profound state called theta and, via it, to reestablish the connection with the Creator. This will further enable you to understand how to facilitate changes in your body, mind, and emotions. She also teaches you how to create your own reality and how everything that occurs in your life has a reason for happening. Our brains employ the five main frequencies—gamma, beta, alpha, theta, and delta—one at a time, but depending on the circumstance, one frequency may become dominant, according to Theta Alchemy. Theta waves predominate during deep meditation, sleep, and hypnosis. Scientists have shown that this frequency can reduce stress and anxiety, promote deep relaxation, improve mental clarity and creativity, lessen pain, and heighten feelings of bliss. Within minutes after ThetaHealing, the brain enters this wave, and the patient collaborates with the universe, God, or the Creator, depending on their beliefs.