What Are Gift Cards’ Benefits and Drawbacks?

Gift cards are available from almost all stores, allowing customers to spend or present money to friends and family. Gift cards are available in two varieties: physical and digital (sometimes known as e-gift cards), and each has a host of features and advantages.

It’s helpful to know how gift cards stack up against other payment options if you’re thinking about buying them for yourself or as presents for friends and family this Christmas season, on their birthday, or for any other occasion.

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How To Use A Gift Card

Gift cards, sometimes referred to as stored value cards, are accepted as payment at a variety of establishments, including restaurants, retail stores, and petrol stations. You load funds onto the card, which you or the receiver of the gift card can subsequently use at authorized merchants.

Both closed- and open-loop gift cards are available. Wherever that particular brand of card is accepted, you may use an open-loop gift card. You might use a gift card bearing the Visa logo, for instance, to make transactions anyplace Visa is accepted.

Conversely, a closed-loop card is limited to usage at particular retailers. For example, if you buy a gift card from Amazon or Starbucks, it can only be used by you or the recipient to make purchases at the store that issued it. A middle ground alternative are hybrid cards, which let you spend a gift card at a variety of affiliated retailers but aren’t accepted everywhere.

Digital versus physical gift cards

Present cards might be digital or physical, i.e., they can be plastic cards. Instead of having a tangible form, digital gift cards come in the form of a special gift code that you can use to make purchases at online stores. According to recent study published in Psychology & Marketing, gift-card givers believe that physical cards are more in accordance with social standards than digital ones, which may explain why physical cards are still the most popular type of gift cards.

Customers may fill digital or online accounts as well as buy physical cards from retailers including Amazon, Walmart, and Target. Large dining chains like Chili’s, Chipotle, and Starbucks also provide its patrons with both physical and digital gift cards. With the use of these cards, consumers may pay for their meals and beverages more quickly at the register by utilizing an in-store card reader or an app.

Digital gift card codes can also be kept in a mobile wallet software like Venmo from PayPal or Pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay. Then, you may choose your digital gift card as your preferred payment option when it comes time to check out.

Benefits of Gift Cards

There are several benefits that come with gift cards. As an illustration:

If you would prefer not to use a credit card or pay with cash, they might be a suitable alternative method of payment.

Gift cards are a suitable present for any special event, including the holidays.

Gift cards are a useful tool for budgeting and preventing bank overdrafts.

They can be simple and practical to use.

When it comes to buying gifts, if you’re not sure what to get someone on your list, gift cards could be a better option because they let the recipient buy anything they want, whenever they want. Remember, too, that selecting closed-loop gift cards versus open-loop ones may restrict the recipient’s possibilities for how to utilize the cards.

Drawbacks of Gift Cards

Present cards may have certain drawbacks as well. These five are listed here.

There can be a little amount of money left over after purchases are made using a gift card; if this money is not used, either because of forgetfulness or laziness, it is money squandered.

To add money, you can pay purchase or reload costs.

Purchase power is restricted by closed-loop cards.

It may be really annoying to lose or have a gift card stolen, particularly if you didn’t register it or save the gift card number.

In the event that you do not use your card within a year after purchase, you may be assessed an inactivity fee.