An Introduction to Cannabis Strains

Cannabis strains might have varying effects from one another. While certain strains may encourage relaxation, others may help you feel less tired or happier.

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In the US, the usage of cannabis is growing. According to a 2018 survey, everyday cannabis usage among American adults is rising, despite a decline in teen use.

Forbes estimates that the value of the cannabis market worldwide is $7.7 billion. By 2021, it is anticipated to reach $31.4 billion.

The fact that cannabis may be used as a variety of medications is one reason the market is flourishing. Numerous studies have revealed that cannabis may be able to assist in treating a range of illnesses, such as epilepsy, chronic pain, and anxiety.

However, not all cannabis is made equal, as any user of the drug for recreational or medicinal purposes can attest to. Cannabis strains may be utilized for a variety of purposes since they have varying effects.

We have the information you need if you want to try marijuana if it’s legal in your state but are unsure which strains will work best for you. See our strain guide for marijuana below.

What is a strain of marijuana?

The terms indica, sativa, and hybrid may be familiar to you if you’ve read any marijuana-related literature or if you visit most dispensaries. These are the three general categories into which most people classify marijuana.

India’s Hindu Kush mountains are the source of indica, a cannabis strain known for its sedative properties. The more invigorating impact of sativa is greater than that of hybrid, which combines the two.

Nonetheless, a lot of industry insiders are reevaluating the indica, sativa, and hybrid classifications. Amos Elberg, Confident Cannabis’ head of data science, claims that these phrases have little to no relevance.

“All cannabis product samples are tested by our partner labs, and upon reviewing all the data, especially regarding the chemical composition of the flower, we are unable to identify any distinguishable traits that are typical of indica, sativa, or hybrid strains,” the representative adds.

In essence, these phrases are being used as catch-alls for effects, although not all of them are consistent with those effects. For example, some indica makes certain individuals wired rather than couch-locked.

To put it another way, folks shouldn’t be concerned if an indica strain gives them a more vivacious and energetic feeling or if a supposedly invigorating sativa strain has a more tranquil impact.

In addition to indica, sativa, and hybrid varieties, dispensaries may classify their cannabis stock into strains. In essence, strains are distinct varieties of cannabis that are grown to have particular effects on the user.

But are strain names really worthless too, given that the labels indica, sativa, and hybrid are essentially meaningless classifications?

Not quite, according to Elberg.

Not every seed marketed under a given name has the same genetic makeup or is even related. According to Elberg, some producers may decide to identify their product with an existing name because they think it reflects the qualities the market expects from a product sold under that label, or they may choose to name their strain purely as a branding exercise.

Elberg notes that there are still consistency issues with products marketed under certain strain names.

He observes that “product sold by different vendors tends to be pretty consistent, in general, for the less common names.” “However, a greater range of distinct goods are offered for the most popular strain names.”

The strains should be fairly constant if you buy from a reputable supplier. But keep in mind that each person’s response to cannabis varies.

How to pick a variety

The desired effect will determine the strain you select. Cannabis has many medical applications, as was previously established, however some strains are more effective than others for particular ailments.

Investigating the strain’s possible side effects is also worthwhile. You may find a list of several of the most popular strains below. Dry mouth, dry eyes, and dizziness are listed as potential side effects. Additionally, marijuana may interfere with any prescription drugs you may be taking. When consuming marijuana, avoid utilizing machines.

Various kinds of strains

Based on feedback from Leafly users, these are some potential outcomes for some of the most well-liked cannabis strains.

Gold in Acapulco

Acapulco Gold is a well-known and highly regarded cannabis strain that comes from Acapulco, Mexico. It is well known for its stimulating, euphoric effects. It is said to lessen pain, discomfort, tension, and even nausea.

Dream in Blue

Blue Dream is not a complete sedative; rather, it is calming and relaxing. Because of this, it’s ideal for relieving pain, inflammation, or cramping when you can’t afford to go to sleep. It’s also said to improve your mood and make you feel euphoric.

Kush Purple

Purple Kush is excellent for creating a blissful mood that makes you feel content, contented, and drowsy. It’s frequently utilized to lessen discomfort and spasms in the muscles. Because of its sedative properties, it can be used to lessen sleeplessness.

sour diesel

Sour Diesel is an extremely uplifting and energetic strain that may provide you with a quick boost of productive energy. Notable pain-relieving and de-stressing benefits are also seen.

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is a strain that promotes relaxation and sleep. It’s ideal for supporting you in overcoming insomnia and obtaining restful sleep. It also provides outcomes that relieve tension and reduce discomfort.

Uncle Purple

Granddaddy Purple is an additional really calming strain. It is frequently commended for its ability to combat sleeplessness and reduce stress. It can also stimulate hunger and induce euphoria, according to users, which is fantastic if you’re lacking in appetite.

Kush Afghan

Afghan Kush, which comes from the Hindu Kush mountains close to the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, is incredibly calming and sedative. This can also help you feel pain-free and hungry if you’re not feeling too hungry.

LA Secret

Another calming and sedative strain that is frequently used to treat insomnia is LA Confidential. It is also well-liked by those who suffer from chronic pain because of its apparent anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.

Maui Wowie

Maui Wowie may make you feel incredibly calm, creative, and energized. Additionally, it lessens weariness, which makes it ideal for days when productivity is required.